Welcome to the Natural Funeral Company

We offer a simple, seamless and sincere approach when accompanying you through a funeral experience.
As professional funeral directors, we endeavour to be gentle and relaxed while assisting you in the decision making process. Our natural body care (no embalming) is our point of difference as is our range of caskets from cardboard to liners, plys and solid timbers, baskets and woven wool.

 Arranging a Funeral

There are many decisions to make in arranging a funeral but you can rely on us to guide you through these choices. Once death occurs a doctor must come and certify the cause of death, then you can call us to come and help you and your family with organising everything that needs to be done.You can call us way before that if you wish too.

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Full Casket Range

We have caskets for all requirements including biodegradable, cardboard caskets, wowen baskets, plywood, pine, DIY, traditional and liner caskets.

Products & Services

Body Care

New Lawn

We prefer natural and organic when it comes to body care

Bereavement Cards


Commemorative cards of all types created by our professional designer.

Tailored Services

Soft Landscaping

Individually Designed Cermonies


Garden Maintenance

Full catering services to fit your budget

What Clients Say

Come and see us with
family or friends

One of our team members will join you for a relaxed session, guiding you through funeral plans individually.

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