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We like to keep things natural and organic with our body care, using essentials oil, biodegradable and chemical free products. We make our own restorative creams and use minimal make up.

We don’t use refrigeration; instead we use ice bottles. We treat those we take care of with the utmost respect and consideration at all times, referring to them by their first names and gently caring for them in a quiet and sacred location.

We can come to you and work in your home or you can come to us; where you can be part of the body care process, as much or as little as you would like.

It is a modern myth that embalming is essential, although at times it is necessary. The funeral process does not need to take place any quicker than usual, as we are able to take care naturally for a week or more.

Natural Preparation

  • Essential oils for washing to control bacteria and scent the body
  • Homemade hydrating creams for preservation
  • Natural ways of cooling using ice and air conditioning. Refrigeration is not used
  • Care of family members in the family home or at our place
  • Facilitating family to take care of loved ones at home visiting daily
  • Dressing in clothing of your choice or shrouding in cotton, linen or silk
  • Minimal use of make-up

We avoid embalming, though for some people embalming is essential.

What is embalming?
Embalming is the process of reversing the bacterial reactions that begin in the stomach and the blood when death occurs —
•    Closing of the eyes and the mouth.
•    Washing and cleansing a person’s body.
•    Removing any excess fluids.
•    Replacing the blood with a preservative.

When is embalming needed?
Those more likely to require embalming may include :
•    Those with excess fluid and excess body weight.
•    Prolonged cancer medication.
•    Those with distended abdomens that are full of fluid or gas.
•    Anyone expecting to take more than a week before cremation or burial.
•    Those being transported overseas.

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