Chris Foote-Director

Chris first became interested in what happens at death when her grandmother died at aged 12yrs. She was unable to see her, being the custom at the time. This began an enquiry for Chris into what happens at death. As a young mother living on Waiheke she researched all she could on the topic. Christian writings, Buddhist, near death experiences, and channelled writings articulating what was common and forming a view of what happens when we die.

She is the mother of three girls; does yoga, has a caravan up at Mangawhai Heads and is developing an organic garden and orchard. She also writes poetry. She is also a registered marriage celebrant.

Past Achievements
• Fourteen years in Anglican Lay Ministry.
• A funeral director for the past 16 years working with death is an organic and transitional way.
• Fourteen years in process-oriented psychology with international training in human development.
• In the past a hospice biographer assisting the dying with written letters and life reviews to leave for families.
• Has been the subject of a TV ONE documentary following her work with a family.
• Several magazine publications, North & South, The Listener, and several articles in the Herald including Canvas

• Professional Development
• “Leadership” Italy 2013
• Working with Conflict 2006 (Australia)
• Shamanism in the 21st Century 2006
• Encounter With Diversity 2003
• Learning & Creativity 2003 (Australia)
• Celebrant Studies 2001 (Auckland University of Technology)
• Dealing With Difficult Clients 2001
• Multicultural Awareness Training 2001
• Dealing With Addictions 1998 (Australia)
• Deep Democracy, Social Change and The Spirit 1997 ( Lonavala, India)
• Pastoral Care Studies 1989, 1999
• Working with Communities 1995
• Working With Relationships 1995
• Facilitation & Leadership Training 1995 (Australia)
• Counselling Training 1993
• Lifeline telephone Counselling 1978

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